Family Urgent Care COVID-19 Tests in Charlotte, NC

Family Urgent Care now offers Rapid COVID-19 Tests and COVID-19 Antibody Tests. If you or a member of your family would like to have either COVID-19 test conducted, book online (for insurance or gov’t pay) simply walk into our urgent care center (for our “quick visit, no exam” test) located in Indian Trail, North Carolina.

Please call us at (704) 412-3612 if you have any questions about your insurance!

  • Return to Work COVID Tests
  • Return to School COVID Tests
  • Travel Clearance for Business or Leisure COVID Tests (See below for types of Tests)
  • Peace of Mind, No Criteria COVID Tests
  • Tests on Demand
  • Tests Available for Anyone 5 yrs or Older
  • Antibody Tests Available

Insured & Uninsured Patients by Appointment ONLY!

Insured and uninsured patients MUST book online by appointment only. Wait times may vary and slots not guaranteed due to an examination being required with insurance and/or government pay. If you would like to bypass the exam and expedite your visit, choose our self-pay “Quick Visit” below.  Testing times will vary based on volume and the clinic’s discretion.

Self-Pay “Quick Visit” Patients for Walk-Ins

Walk-in self-pay “Quick Visit” COVID-19 tests are available now at Family Urgent Care! Our self-pay rate is $175. Results within 15 minutes of testing. Our goal is to get you in and out as quickly as possible! Please note, you CANNOT submit to your insurance company after your visit. The office will not give out billing and CPT codes. Most insurance companies consider this a “medically not indicated test” and will not reimburse you.


How long is the wait?

Wait times vary based on volume and method of payment. Our volumes are highest at opening through early afternoon. If you choose to use your insurance or are uninsured, then you will need to have an exam and be seen by the provider (Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant) and your wait time will be long. Out of convenience, you may choose the option to be a  “Quick Visit” and pay $175 to be in and out in under an hour. No insurance, no exam, and results within 20-30 minutes after being swabbed. Family Urgent Care will NOT be responsible for providing E/M or CPT codes for your insurance company if you choose to submit after the fact.

How much does it cost?

Currently, insurances are paying for COVID-19 testing as well as the government for the uninsured. You MAY still receive a bill with a balance for deductible, copay or coinsurance. We are not sure how long insurances or the government will continue to pay for testing. If you do receive a balance bill, then please call our billing company at: 877-404-2300.

It is your responsibility to contact your insurance company about coverage. If you do choose to pay out of pocket the cost is $175 and Family Urgent Care will NOT be responsible for providing E/M or CPT codes for your insurance company if you choose to submit after the fact. **Please note that we can only process a set number of insurance / uninsured patients per day and once we hit that number then we will continue to test but only as self pay (“Quick Visit”) at $175.**

What ages do you test?

You must be 5 years old or older to be tested.

Is this a rapid test?

Yes. The Abbott ID NOW instrument uses Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology. This molecular test is an anterior nasal swab (stays in the front of your nose and does NOT go to the back of your nose). Results are obtained within 20-30 after being swabbed.

Do you offer PCR testing?

Yes but this is a send out test. Patients will register online while in the clinic so they can check the patient portal for their results which are returned within 24-36 hours ONCE THE SPECIMEN IS RECEIVED BY THE LAB. Specimens are picked up daily at 3:00 pm (except on Sundays) and run once they get to the lab. The lab is closed on Sundays so an additional 24 hrs will be added to those swabs that are done after 3:00 on Saturday. ALL these time periods are AVERAGES and some delays may occur. Do not call the office for your results because once the test is sent, the lab is responsible for posting results. Please refer to this information form.

If you need COVID-19 testing for travel, then please check with the state / country you are traveling to and/or the airlines to obtain information on which test you need. There is lab based PCR (not rapid but faster than most labs; see above), rapid tests (antigen, nucleic acid, etc.), LAMP, etc. Many are beginning to accept the Abbott ID NOW test (which is what Family Urgent Care uses) for travel, back to work, back to school, etc. Family Urgent Care will NOT be responsible to determine which test you need.

Where are you located?

3007 Wesley Chapel Stouts Rd., Ste. B, Monroe, NC 28110 in the Sun Valley Commons where the movie theaters and Hickory Tavern are located. Across the street from Publix.

COVID-19 Antibody Test

The COVID anti-body test is one tube of blood sent to the lab with an AVERAGE 4 to 5 business days turnaround time. Tests conducted on Saturdays and  Sundays will be processed on Monday, meaning the average turnaround time clock begins on Monday.